Who we are

Our vision

We design and produce films, events, and digital tools to meet companies’ internal or external communication needs.

  • Passionate about challenges and great stories
  • Curious about new technology and digital tools
  • Creative, pragmatic, committed, and determined, we have supported our clients’ projects since évimages’ creation


Our vision: offering a different perspective to help ideas and people grow.

Our values

The team

We are 8 people. 8 professionals. 8 personalities. 8 profiles. We share those 3 values and the same commitment, the same desire to give the very best to the projects entrusted to us. Our approach is pragmatic and smart. Our emphasis is on “local” (teams, resources) and what is “strictly essential”.

Depending on the project, our team can rely on our international network of experts. We will look for the best talents, for their creativity, their input, their “eye”, and the intelligence of their art… in short, for the talent driving them and which will take on its full dimension within the project.

Catherine Associate Director
Frédéric Associate Director
Arnaud Film
Florian Film
Océane Event
Julien Event
Tom Event
Liz Admin